Materials Evaluation Services Pvt. Ltd. (MESPL) specializes in providing Ultrasonic and Magnetic Testing, along with consultancy services, owing to several years of experience in critical component testing. Our director, Mr. Sadasivan, possesses over 35 years of illustrious experience, formulating and establishing various procedures for our clients, and is the key personnel behind our services.

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We strive on maintaining and building quality work at consumer-friendly rates.

A Mumbai based NDT-Non-Destructive Testing, Inspection and Evaluation consultancy service enterprise. 

MES has been providing NDT services to companies in various industries like Fabrication, Fertilizers, Cement, Nuclear Power and Chemical, since our incorporation in 1999. We are associated with some acclaimed Indian companies, undertaking annual shut downs at their plants all over India as well as at their vendor sites outside India. In-service inspection of rotary and critical components, and providing NDT Level III (EN ISO 9712 and ASME) services are other tasks undertaken by us. Our company falls under the approved list of NDT agencies of NPCIL, Mumbai.



NDT Level II Services


TESTING – UT (Manual/Conventional, Semi-Automated/TOFD & PAUT), MT, PT, RTFI:


  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) which is used to detect subsurface flaws in metals, steel products, fabrication and more. This kind of inspection is also used in order to measure the thickness of materials and render hot or elevated temperature UT testing services.
  • Magnetic Testing (MT) is used to detect surface discontinuities in parts made from ferromagnetic materials, i.e. iron, steel, nickel, alloys. We are equipped to creating a setup for batch wise testing of components such as nuts, bolts etc. This kind of inspection is extremely sensitive to presence of cracks and seams and is a low-cost method. 
  • Liquid Penetration Testing (PT) is a reliable and inexpensive method used to locate even the most microscopic surface defects such as cracks in a material. 
  • Radiographic Film Interpretation (RTFI) RTFI is limited to interpretation of radiography films. Radiographic testing (RT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method which uses either x-rays or gamma rays to examine the internal structure of manufactured components identifying any flaws or defects
  • We undertake ASME as well as EN jobs.

TESTING – UT (Manual/Conventional, Semi-Automated/TOFD & PAUT), MT, PT, RTFI:

We undertake witnessing or inspection services of NDT on behalf of our clients at their plants as well as at the client’s vendor’s site. The inspection and testing services undertaken by us are not limited to sites in India but have been conducted on components sourced for cement plants from European as well as East Asian countries.

NDT Level III Services


ASME ‘U’, ‘U2’ Stamp Accreditation

  • We assist our clients in developing NDT facilities and assist them in NDE. 
  • We also establish written practice and NDE procedures and approve them. 
  • Apart from this, we establish procedures & techniques in UT, MT, PT & RT in addition to demonstration to the satisfaction of AI. We qualify and certify company personnel in the four methods (mentioned above) as per the written practice.


  • We provide assistance in establishing the procedures and techniques for ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic testing (MT), liquid penetration testing (PT), and radiography testing (RT).
  • We supervise NDT operations.
  • We train, examine and qualify level I and II personnel in 4 NDT methods.
  • Our company conducts refresher courses for TPI surveyors and recertification, as per the guidelines of ASME SNT-TC-1A.
  • We help our clients to carry out NDE (Non-destruction examination) during fabrication as well as in-service, especially UT, at elevated temperatures of 200 °C. We prepare and review procedures as per the applicable code, and also revise procedure as per the applicable code or specification.

Training & Certification

Our Training and Certification division owes to our Director, Mr. Sadasivan’s industrious experience of 20+ years.



We believe Training and Certification is as crucial as practical experience on field. It stimulates the mind to explore topics with logical understanding and builds reasoning ability, as well.

What We Offer


The Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A, ‘Personnel Qualification and Certification in Non-Destructive Testing’, defines certification as a written testimony of qualification. The two most frequently demanded certification programmes in our country are ASNT and PCN/ EN ISO 9712.

Training Based on ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A 2016 Edition:

We provide training services; as per the written practice of a company; based on ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A 2016 Edition. We provide Level l and Level ll training and certification in UT, LPT, MT, RT/RTFI. We have recently got equipped to provide training in ToFD and PAUT.

Technical Performance Evaluation:

During the ASME ‘U’/ ‘U2’ stamp accreditation process; we conduct training programs as part of the Technical Performance Evaluation. For this purpose, our level III must be appointed, by the company, via a contract letter.

Guidance for ASNT Level III:

We prepare candidates to appear for the ASNT Level lll certification, UT, MPT, LPT, RT and VT exams; whilst guiding them in the right direction.

Why Choose Us?


Known for his emphasis on basic knowledge of any NDT method; our director, Mr. Sadasivan, has trained over thousands of candidates till date! He also has a strong focus on practical training; as a means of growth and learning in the industry.  His belief is that a person can truly master any of the methods; if he constantly practices on- field. 

Looking for training, guidance and certification from the industry’s top professionals? Contact us now!

Delivering results, reliability, and rock solid dependability.





At MESPL, we pride over a skilled team, each individual adept in their own field. Members of our senior personnel have been associated with our company since it’s inception.

The MESPL team is certified as per the company’s Written Practise which follows the guidelines of SNT-TC-1A issued by ASNT. They are well experienced in providing UT, MT, PT and RTFI for a vast variety of products in pre and post service inspection.



Our company is equipped with the following instruments and accessories:


  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
  • Einstein TFT-II, Arjun 20, GE USM Go, Olympus EPOCH 600
  • Topaz 32/128 PR Portable PAUT System with probes and accessories (by Zetec Inc.)
  • Magnetic Yokes
  • Prod Machines with 2000A and 3000A (with coil)
  • Black light assembly
  • Digital thickness meter
  • UT Hot scanning probe and couplant, MPT and LPT consumables

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Mr. Sadasivan Narayana

Technical Director

The technical director of MESPL, Mr. N. Sadasivan is a certified ASNT NDT Level III (UT, PT, MT, RT) and ISO 9712 EN 473 Level 3 (UT, MT, PT and RT) member, with 27 years of industrial NDT experience. The company’s NDT operations are thoroughly managed and supervised by him. Mr. Sadasivan trains and examines personnel to qualify for NDT Level I and II in 4 NDT methods which are UT, PT, MT and RT – as per guidelines of SNT-TC-1A of ASNT. He has aided the prevention of several abrupt stops in production and mishaps at plants, with his constant involvement. Mr. Sadasivan has been retained as an NDT Level III consultant by some of our esteemed clients. An EC member of Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ISNT) since 2006, he conducts refresher courses for ASNT/ISNT NDT Level III examinations, as a part of the Mumbai Chapter faculty. He is also a member of the National Governing Council as well as the National Certification Board of ISNT.

Mrs. Jyotsna Sadasivan


Mrs. Jyotsna Sadasivan’s illustrious experience in managerial and administrative operations defined her role at MESPL. She was instrumental in setting up the finance operations of the company, while also being a key member in developing the core functions of the company since inception. Personnel requirements and overall management of the company is one of many roles undertaken by Mrs. Sadasivan over the years dedicated to MESPL.

Lakshmy Sadasivan


Lakshmy, the daughter of the founder and technical director, is ISNT NDT Level III (UT and MPT), ASNT NDT Level III (UT, MPT) and EN ISO 9712 Level 2 (UT 3.1 & 3.2, ToFD and PAUT) certified. She brings to the table 4 years of industrial NDT experience, gained whilst training under the guidance of Mr. N. Sadasivan. At MESPL, Lakshmy administers all the financial and taxation operations. In 2019, she was made an EC member of Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ISNT).



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